Building bridges between carriers and their customers.

Your company could excel at moving your client’s freight, whether across town or across the globe, but what do you offer in terms of real-time information? Perhaps your existing operations or dispatch software provider can only offer so much.
You’ve seen the abilities of the higher end $$$ operation and dispatch software offerings, but the licensing and subscription costs cannot be justified. What if you, or more importantly, your clients want more?

We can help

We specialize in creating custom APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), on-line web portals for track and trace, custom reporting, EDI and virtually any other kind of on-line data interface that will allow you to improve your information offerings to your clients.
We offer full stack development that can bridge the different technologies you are currently using and bring a better sense of control over the information that you have. This will allow your company to offer even more relevant and real-time information to your clients on their shipments.
We have over 20 years of providing transportation-based software applications in North America, including our flagship shipper TMS products. We have the industry experience needed to build scalable web-based applications that will put you ahead of the rest.